Case Studies

What makes this a strong story?

Microsoft Teams is now far more than being just a collaboration tool with Node Insight. It is wonderful to reach every user and device one by one without any need for third-party software. Through Node Insight, users’ level of awareness is increasing, and devices’ safety level is being improved. Thus, we can provide more secure modern workplace environment.

Business Challenge
Due to GDPR regulations and cyber threats, the end-users are obliged to be aware enough about cyber security. For such a company having multi-locations and branches, services and solutions addressing the issue are quite expensive, and it is hard to deliver awareness to end-users simultaneously.
Node Insight helped end-users to raise awareness toward GDPR and cyber security. We scanned security breaches on devices, and with the data we collected afterwards, IT managers took the necessary actions. Furthermore, while the actions were being taken, no end-user had to displace! Moreover, security awareness was gamified with the scores and badges given to both departments and end-users.
Top Five Benefits
  • Thanks to this application, Microsoft Teams is more than a collaboration tool. Nowadays, every user wants to get more qualified. With the Microsoft Teams trainings uploaded in Node Insight help users use Teams more effectively. Therefore, increased active usage of Microsoft Teams improves team-working efficiency.
  • Node Insight provides a survey where users can fill in, which helps IT managers to find out the level of satisfaction about the devices that users have. It is possible to see the results and data coming from devices on the same dashboard. Hence, the actual necessities of end-users will be revealed, and by using this data, the next hardware and software investments will be planned meticulously, which leads high level of cost optimization.
  • GDPR and security awareness.
  • End-users can enroll on awareness trainings about cyber security and GDPR through Node Insight. They win score and badges. Having this gamification encourages the departments to compete each other with their awareness scores. Therefore, the department having the highest GDPR and cyber-security score wins a trophy.
  • Security and compliance improvement.