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While the diversity of business models increase every day, information technology processes also share the same fate. IT environments steadily gets more complex and that raises a question mark in minds of all stakeholders: How secure is our IT environment?

Node Insight provides our partners a very quick and simple provides cybersecurity and asset management solution that is working on Microsoft Teams. Various risk assessments, benchmarks with similar enterprises, user warnings and suggestions of Node Insight will help all its partners to develop a safe IT environments for their customers.

Benefits For Corporations

Custom Suggestions Dashboard for Each User and Administrators
Node Insight provides customizable dashboards for system administrators and users.
Increase Microsoft Teams Workload Usage for Microsoft Fasttrack Partners
You can both improve security awareness of your customers and increase usage of Microsoft Teams at the enterprise.
Generate Leads for EOL Software
You can detect operating systems and applications at the end of life within your customer's organization and make recommendations about cloud and latest versions of these software.
Generate Leads for Azure and Microsoft 365
Improve cybersecurity by transforming your client's services into Microsoft cloud versions.